Hip-Hop “Coffee” Courtesy of Joey Aich

Joey Aich in performance

Joey Aich in performance

Hip-hop is in an odd space as I type this. Somewhere between commercial irony and recycled hipster grooves, this galvanizing genre sits currently.

Up-and-coming emcee―and Denison University student―Joey Aich is plainly aware of this reality. Aich is neither intimidated or worried about it if “Coffee” is anything to go by. Listeners should not be lazy and dismiss this earworm as back-pack rap fluff either. As the track unwinds, one hears how Aich’s influences―such as Buhloone Mindstate (1993) era De La Soul―have been reinterpreted and put through his charismatic flow and production.

The music video details a (seemingly) mundane day in this college upstart’s life. It is an appropriate setting since “Coffee’s” forthcoming junior album, College D.egree, is due to drop soon. In all, “Coffee” as a musical and visual presentation is indie hip-hop at its most charmingly cool.


Directed By: Monde

[Editor’s Note: For availability and release date information on “Coffee” and College D.egree, visit Joey Aich’s official site and Twitter page.-QH]


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