Lindsey Stirling Wants to #MakeMusicSocial

Stirling in performance

Stirling in performance

Has technology and social media removed the face-to-face component from popular music? Record shops, ever persistent, have become an endangered species in the age of iPods, playlists and Spotify.

With the boundlessness of the Internet, music should cross all barriers. However, most of us are so plugged in to our devices we don’t communicate out loud about music anymore. This “tech-Pandora’s Box” we’ve opened isn’t all doom and gloom though; enter Lindsey Stirling, a product of this age.

Seizing her chance to platform her abilities as a professional violinist and dancer, Stirling used outlets such as Youtube to take her art to the masses. Bypassing the routes many have had to utilize to achieve visibility, Stirling’s intense contemporary fusion style (think Vanessa-Mae) hooked listeners. Her eponymous debut appeared in 2012 and went gold in a fair amount of time.

Stirling continued to hone her skills even after she broke into the mainstream, performing any and everywhere; earlier this year Stirling’s second LP manifested―Shatter Me. The LP arrived in the higher regions of the U.S. Billboard 200 (#2); it’s evidence that Lindsey Stirling’s momentum is gaining quickly.

Shatter Me album cover

Shatter Me album cover

In addition to her career, Stirling has always given back to the arts communities.  A recent example includes Stirling joining the growing roster supporting #MakeMusicSocial. Created by the wireless speaker company UE BOOM, the movement seeks to “make music social and rekindle the love of listening to music out loud”.

Released last month as the third single from Shatter Me, “Master of Tides” is a mesmeric slice of Stirling’s style. The music video―in conjunction with #MakeMusicSocial―was filmed live in Glendale, California at the Americana at Brand Mall.

The “Master of Tides” clip begins like a modern day flashmob performance before transforming into a combination of steampunk, nautical theatrics and classical music. The audiences seen in the video are clearly spellbound by Stirling and Cirque Berzerk’s energy. The dance troupe, choreographed by Suze Q, was masterfully matched to the Stirling composition.

“Master of Tides”

Directed By: Mike Green

Stirling’s thoughts on the “Master of Tides” music video sums up her overall mission as an entertainer: “The reason I’ve always wanted to do a spontaneous performance is because you get to surprise people; you get to make people, hopefully, smile that weren’t expecting this. And I’m looking forward to hopefully, you know, making a memorable night for someone”.

Through #MakeMusicSocial, Stirling takes the next step forward as the bridge between the old and new schools of popular music culture thought. If her commitment to quality remains consistent, Stirling will continue to captivate for years to come.

[Editor’s Note: The link to the UE Boom campaign #MakeMusicSocial is featured above in the essay. Stirling’s records are available in all digital and physical music outlets. For more information on Lindsey Stirling, visit her official website.-QH]


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