Changing the Tune, Retiring The QH Blend


It was never my intention to stop writing here, but life gets in the way. It does that. In this case there were other aspects of my music writing career (books, freelance gigs) that began to cut into my time with The QH Blend.

However, if I’m honest, I was aware early last year that I was ready to transition to those stated mediums that were beginning to pull me from this space.

I was ready to grow and challenge myself as a writer.

When I started The QH Blend, it was to give a critical voice to the music I enjoyed. Now, standing at the summit of a decade of writing professionally, I’m ready to keep moving forward with my “Record Redux” book line and more freelance gigs in larger publications.

I want to thank everyone who supported me when I first entered the online writing community in 2008. When I transitioned to WordPress in 2013, it was to signify an upgrade from my initial ramblings and I think I accomplished that.

I will do my best to curate the site and keep it open as a point of reference, but for now I will be placing The QH Blend into a form of semi-retirement.

I can be found on Twitter (@TheQHBlend) or you can email me ( / If you want to know more about my stated book series, check me out here on Facebook.

Keep your ears and hearts open everyone, thank you. – Quentin

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