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‘Record Redux: the Spice Girls’: Phase 1

Concept artwork for the Kickstarter campaign for ‘Record Redux: the Spice Girls’

Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty, yes they’re your lot! They’re the Spice Girls ready to go in their first definitive dissemination of their musical discography! Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. We hope you enjoy the show!

‘Record Redux: The Spice Girls’ is the first of its kind―the ultimate guidebook to the ultimate girl group in popular music. Every single, album and b-side will feature and tell the tale of this British phenom that defined a generation and continues to influence popular music today. After two years worth of work, my first book is finished and ready for the next phase of its journey.

I’m self-publishing this book via Amazon’s CreateSpace medium and will launch it into the marketplace in June 2016. However, I need help raising funds to cover self-publishing costs; if you’d like to learn more about my book and to donate through Kickstarter, click here. I have 30 days to meet my goal.

I hope that you will consider taking a part in music history to assist me in resetting the critical narrative of the Spice Girls.

Thank you in advance.

[Editor’s Note: Kickstarter concept art courtesy of Projekt Ludwig.-QH]



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