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Mississippi Jones Sets their Course on “Recourse: Elemental 1”

Mississippi Jones

Mississippi Jones

What if Garbage went to Minneapolis and recorded in that funky R&B / rock hybrid style made famous by Prince, The Time and André Cymone ?

Missisipi Jonescomprised of vocalists / instrumentalists Mississippi and J@$are the answer to that colorful inquiry.

Mississippi Jones represents the kind of artist unafraid to blur the lines between genre, gender, age, race or any other social lines. Yet, they wear their roots on their sleeve proudly. That juxtaposition makes for fascinating listening on their new extended play, Recourse: Elemental 1. The EP is set to precede a series of four EPs with varying sonic themes; the project will stretch throughout the remainder of 2015.

Recourse: Elemental 1 itself snatches up listeners and carries them along a broad journey with only three cuts. Opening with the fizzy “Mr. White,” the duo sets the tone to fussy fun for Recourse: Elemental 1. The remaining tracks “Stone Cold Killer” and “Tre (s)” alternate between fever and restraint. The rocky contrast will sate those looking for a listening experience that is fearless, but frothy.

Recourse: Elemental 1 had its platform dressed with the pair’s first album, Unreleased (2014)another worthy entry for spinningThe act is poised for broader exposure and if they continue to keep their eye on quality, it’s almost promised that you’ll be hearing more of Mississippi Jones in the future.

[Editor’s Note: Recourse: Elemental 1 is currently available for purchase via CDBaby. For current information on Mississippi Jones, visit their official site.-QH]


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